Sunday, February 28, 2010

he disappeared along with

he disappeared along with
clippings of Abraham's beard.
archeologists have found it

to be weird. even more so
the forty four quarters
of silver and gold; coins uncovered--

strung along the entire length
of the northern Silk Road--
Tashkent to Moscova and beyond;

each embossed, on one side with his bust;
on the other-- prints of Abe
or his aspiring body double.

Saturday, February 27, 2010





in twenty


for a moment,



Friday, February 26, 2010

manganese, chromium, and tungsten

manganese, chromium, and tungsten,
plain ore and carbon—

heat, melt, cool and fold—
pound hard and then
start over.

at an odd angle,

slurry quenched—
coated in a thinner layer than the sides
or the spine.

mokume etched—
ice cold; edged fine
to a laser point;

handle of bone inlayed in brass
and in gold;

in wood
and maybe placed
behind glass;

otherwise leather strung—
strapped close
or hung.

fix your eyes

fix your eyes
ever so narrow
and yell 'hell

if i care how,
just make it so.
not tomorrow—

now!'; even death
is not all that final
you know.

dearest anomaly in spinning space

dearest anomaly in spinning space,
you sector-skip and connive
strings as they are cast--
shrouded and faint,
then tokenize

with tails,
with wings,
or similar things.
once again re-strung—

to present in the end as feast
for the curious with squints
in their eyes.

pitch black voice

pitch black voice
flies abuzz with insolence;
lives, dies and gets reborn;
surprise lies—
obsidian and bold;
only to die once
again; continue to hold a stone—
cold, smooth and very well worn.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

why do doves fly

why do doves fly
into clearest panes
then suddenly die? broken;

or heart

more often
than not?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

double or nothing is a trick

double or nothing is a trick
doomed to backfire
in the long run.

when it does, there is no audible pop
but smarts some and white smoke wafts,

but real explosions in outside chambers
are not muffled
yet their fire extinguishes
on its own

once all fuel burns;

blue-dot bulbs are to be used
no more than once
but their counterparts, the cubes,
have four lives;

they burn,
not as brilliant,
and then they turn;

they too are discarded
in the end.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

brown paper bags

brown paper bags
are perfect for lunch
or for face;

cover for deep disgrace
or shroud for a myriad hang-ups
one might have had.

once a favored prop
of comedians who remained nameless.
unknown to audiences they slayed;
laughed themselves into stitches--

blue skinned and breathless;
ache in their sides; almost dead--
stayed faceless and splayed.

he who paints with rust

he who paints with rust
knows he must use yellows sparingly
against red;

saffron, mustard and gold dust--
earthy yellows blend nicely with
orange and russet.

as you well know,
opposites attract

and for that

use cerulean or indigo,
or else Antwerp blue
contrasted with copper instead,

plus white
to add light

and to provide
depth of field and flair
as required.

slip, slide

slip, slide
scrape and glide.

a chilled pair--

yet thrilled
and satisfied.

to lift, to hold

to lift, to hold
or to carry;

practical, plain or painfully ornate;

looped. hooked
or apostrophe shaped;

to move along or to tarry there
for so long;

wood, leather
or hand carved ivory
made at another time, altogether gone.

held fast
and steady

or shoulder slung
ever so gently--
strapped and hung.

maybe a single one--
preferably many more
when heavy or oblong.

padded or bare boned;
mahogany framed,
cedar lined;

otherwise pine--
planked simply instead.

Monday, February 22, 2010

walk, walk, walk

walk, walk, walk
but do not talk,
for three weeks

from now we read
that tome of a poem
we composed together, penned

on a rolled parchment scroll,

pastel green, as if made
of broad blades—
fibrous and strong, hand scraped
and pounded perfectly flat,

then bleached in the sun;

of reeds plucked,
directly from the bank
of the small shimmering pond;

crystal clear and topaz skinned;

yet surprisingly profound
and of course ice cold;
tucked neatly

within the deep sensuous folds
of the lush but forbidding canyon
not too far from our own
little home.

until then
let us do no more

than occasionally nod;
say hello,
and smile.

accelerate and be done

accelerate and be done;
grown on a sapient tongue;
a time designed to abandon—
paltry monument

to those that have come;

one more to rescind,
yet another to shun.

when i spoke in a voice

when i spoke in a voice
i forgot

i owned, i was startled,
somewhat struck; the children

had never heard it before,
even mother did not recall
hearing me so,
nor would dad for that matter,

had he been there—
he's been gone;
but you, most of all,

you where

your face was long; your eyes—
cold; you were gone
and i suppose, i too was then,
done for.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

all three attach

all three attach
to the floor one lays on;
bare feet and plum colored eyes
is one.

lock tight, they fit
just right in tightest spots; a start;
this after they stilt-walk--

polish boards with a mop;
otherwise lay perfectly flat
slightly marred by sugar spot;

obscured by piercing light,
glare and despair
criss-cross desperate
for places to rest or to hide.

when faced with a sour conductor

when faced with a sour conductor,
toss a ticket in your jacket pocket.

grab the element of an inductor as well,
put on a head-set, click shuffle on it.

now lean forward-- harden your gaze;
crank-up the volume and rock it.

a name change is not the same

a name change is not the same
as a cloning. with the former
you are a new man

whereas the latter
is an exact duplicate of the other;

notwithstanding the styling of clothing
or whatever.

my love, your Velcro-tipped darts

my love, your Velcro-tipped darts
stick to my rounded heart
while shallow hearted men with gray beards
shout; their pockets are deep
and their eyes are beadier;

our weekends weep for them for today
is Saturday; according to my own calendar
anyway. the word of the day is greedier.

Friday, February 19, 2010

why are you so quiet?

why are you so quiet?

did you fall
your chair?

hey, are you still there?

what's the matter
your voice?

you stutter my dear.

yes, of course
heard right;

was i not clear?

i've wanted to
the longest time.

are you surprised?

don't be; i do,
i have,
i always will.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

her wish for her twenty-second birthday

her wish for her twenty-second birthday
is to meet a tall, long-haired boy,

one with a metallic glint in his eye;
somewhat shy, but with a devious smile

pasted on his face; wanderlust in his heart;
on their first getaway they would fly

off to Africa; Lake Nakuru, Kenya, to be precise;
sleep under an expansive sky; out in the open--

mosquito nets, fire pit, a billion shimmering stars.
in the early morning light they would watch

swarms of flamingos fly ovhead, on their way to the lake.
painting the sky peach and pink and fuchsia and red.

but then there is that tsetse fly-- that pest,
also malaria, and bilharzia; who knows what else

there is over there. maybe a more sedate
adventure is what she'll wish for instead.

thread six inches of tippet

thread six inches of tippet
through the eye.
hold it in one hand;

with the other
wrap the loose-end of the line
five times.

with two fingers
of the hand holding it
open a loop
while you wrap the tippet
around itself.

thread the tag-end of the tippet
through the loop
you just formed.

hold it securely
with one hand;
with the other, pull
on the standing-end of the tippet--

tighten the knot
you made;
for a secure knot,

don't hold onto
nor pull
the tag-end of the tippet
while you cinch it.

when you clip
the end of the knot,
leave about an eighth of an inch
so it won't slip.

trim it close,
but allow a little room
in case it moves
when you tighten it.

have fun.

we know it was set

we know it was set
years ago
when seclusion was in order
and getaway a go;

a bent neck,
plumage gleaming,
reflecting kaleidoscopic light;
yet slightly ruffled
from an arduous flight south;

getting away from it all;
over night;
a dot encased in cyan

then easy prey—
scooped in one swift swoop.

all game are unaware when played;
once acquired they are placed,
smack-dab at the center of a sight;

a device
exquisitely designed for long-ranged strike;
in complete silence
except for the song of a wafting draft

unsuspecting souls are shot
clean through the heart.
a sniper
is acutely aware of these simple facts;

a target
once marked is a sitting duck,
her only allies
are elements:

reflected light,
and simple dumb luck.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

tiger is here

tiger is here
yet he still puffs;
rears his head
and ruff huffs;

although all done,
not dead; not all gone,
not yet;

soon my love, soon

soon my love, soon;
today's hours are minutes,
themselves seconds;
almost whole.

some less, some more;
others tight and coiled.

if borders are man-drawn dashes
and dots, aren't tick-tocks as much
to wall-hung clocks?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stephen and i don't get along much

Stephen and i don't get along much,
especially when he drags on and on;

as such, somewhat of a drone; but then,
there was Thamar and Amnon; of course

a redemption of immense proportion;
yes, thanks to Federico's approach

but also because of Stephen's gall;
a bare-knuckle product of punch and pall.

i dream

i dream
of nights

i can sleep

when i can dream of you

a telling

my love,
hang on.

cast from home

Yeasayer - Odd Blood (2010)

cast from home,
naysayers live
pretend lives;

honorably burdened
with crimson vice;
milk-white lies;

although we know this
we act surprised.

Monday, February 15, 2010

you are

you are
and will always be
my snow bunny;

puff of a muff; milk bone
and a chocolate heart;

although we’re apart
you're not alone;
vanilla cone--
honey pot.

on ends' names

that which's to be done's
mundane and nots' tugs-- insane;
ends' names're the same.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

i know love

i know love
they are pealed;
buried at the shore;
dry petal with a slanted smell
particularly hellish

squished tomatoes; pink
it takes more than four limbs;
nothing's a miss
but something

i know;
distressed rose's pucker
"even a box with lips blows a kiss
much faster".


why the whine?
Can't you see
cups of tea
are a must,
or else must
settles in,
then it's din
and chagrin;
what a trap!
At the clap
of my hand
you must stand;
walk on out,
sing and shout,
prance around;
humor found.
You'll do well
not to dwell
over here;
do you hear?
Come along
don't take long;
powder nose,
cover toes;
bistro's near--
come on dear,
let us dine,

let's fuck twice next time

let's fuck twice next time;
for a change of pace and better weather;

you tie my name
in a pagan tongue;
a leather and lace

i do you
the next go around;

how does one know when one's done?

click, cheat and roam

click, cheat and roam;
Montana and her cat,
you and rat;

certainly no aristocrat.

fly, fall;
break a bone;
you don't show up;

too high and too low;

go back
all alone;
Diego's no longer home.

if you were a swing

if you were a swing
and you swung
would you be hung by rope

or chain; rung
over rung? i suppose

it’s better to have three;
child, swing and someone
to push it along--

or does it take four?

grow the fuck up

grow the fuck up--
otherwise shrink.
just don't stay

the same, for if you do
your skin will rot, your breath
will stink.

not much of your brain will remain;
not enough

to think, nor to love--
to pretend
to be sane;

you now stand right
at the brink.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Twinkle Toes

Twinkle Toes,
Why the lows?
Liven up
Like a pup.
Drink a pop
So you'll stop
Feeling sad.
In a tad
Stretch your spine,
You'll feel fine
Then a hop
Or a flop
Out of bed--
Enough said.
Be a doll,
Take a stroll
While it's light;
What delight;
It's the best
Way to test
Noxy's cure--
To be sure.
Nosh on figs
Collect twigs
At the park--
Before dark.
No more woes--
Twinkle Toes.

i should have

i should have
kept my maiden name;

it's a pain but i'm fortunate--
my mother's address
stays the same; i forward my mail--

she knows where i am; who i am--
Smith, Jones, Williams;
otherwise, at her mother's--
plane Jane.

you die each time you pin-prick

you die each time you pin-prick
and kill; all that you adore
is more, more, more
of the same trick, still,

one joker; a convenient stand in
for it all; a jack--
slim and tall; a bent neck;
two sixes--
diamond and heart of gold;

a loaded deck--
you shuffle; cut and toss
after each revival; a pagan
ritual; lizard skin
and bleached bone.

dusk and dawn;
kill, die and get reborn.

tonight i witnessed your grace

tonight i witnessed your grace;
the gentle smile on your face; pureness
in heart and soul; an intoxicating embrace;

red dress and white lace;

the warmth and glint in your clear blue eyes
and your genuine smile; the expanse of your love--

the way you caressed the ones you adore;
the loveliness of your voice--
its reassuring tone;

your immeasurable patience; your tolerance;
the spontaneity you possess and your youthfulness;
the lightness of your step;

your exuberance for being alive;
my dear, you were beyond luminous--
you emitted crystalline light;

you were sun, moon
and every star tonight.

Friday, February 12, 2010

possibility has no outright definition

possibility has no outright definition
and going back to the first thunder clap

is out of the question;

a silent type; one who never talks
at a meal nor in the throes of a passionate fuck;

waiting for the hours to pass;

because the medication made you so;
listless and crass is no excuse now;

then, it was; a wind-up digital clock;

steel and glass; without hands nor glow in the dark;
the only thing it is good for is a sharp downward thump;

fist or palm struck;

occasionally flung; dumped and bumped; shattered--
at night's end; drained;

drenched, damp and still up.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Captain's Log, Stardate 41263.3

Instead of returning to our own galaxy the Enterprise has gone forward to a place in the universe which is uncharted and unknown. Our present position puts us at over a billion light years from our galaxy.

hey; d'you know what?

hey; d'you know what?
it's no longer rat;
it does not dwell
on tables flat;

nor did it feed
on plain grain today.
did it don a hat?
a top, a bowler or what?

by the power vested in me

by the power vested in me by the great state
of Catalina, i pronounce you pepperoni pizza.

may your anchovies always be salty and your olives, greener;
stuffed with plastic pimentos and honeyed-garlic bread;

fit to be dunked in a slim martini; shaken or stirred;
or served a la mode; well done or bloody rare;

may your progeny be as sweet as Franconia ice wine bottled in Austria
by an Algerian diplomat born and grazed on the Argentine pampas;

may you live long and prospect all the white gold you can muster
while you pledge allegiance to flagpoles; the ones at the UN,

in uptown Manhattan. while there, visit the SNL crew
and ask them for their autobiographies,

get their agents’ cell blocks and also their visas
fit for shopping on leap days at Macys or Amazonia (dot communista).

smile; say cheesecake and thank you for stopping by

at our kiosk today at this first Inter-galactic Freudian Convention
hosted on Polaris’s camera-obscura lense.

good luck, bon courage; off to Las Vegas; strip now and go
way, way beyond; remember, what happens there stays here.


times are ruff?
Sick in bed,
ouchie head,
all this time?
What a crime!
Advil helps,
stops the yelps.
for a cure,
then you're out;
have no doubt.
Better yet,
just forget
lying down;
peal the gown,
throw on heals,
jump in wheels,
go on down
into town
for a drink
and a wink
at the boys
and their toys.
Nox says so
go, go, go.
There, you’re off,

time does not heal that which was not a wound

time does not heal that which was not a wound;
for that would have been a break in skin
or the shattering of bone;

scar formed after the clot scabbed and dropped
and pain felt the very moment it happened;
recalled later-on;

accompanied by tear, i suppose,
or a face deformed by grimace
as it would have, had it been fear;

and the sound of an inhaled breath
suddenly drawn; held several moments long
then hurriedly released; exhaled--

an elongated hiss or a gasp as in a surprise
producing a deep tone as if relieved,
although not at all.

this one lingers; bleak; seemingly unconstrained;
passage of time rendered immaterial and weak;
resonant yet monotone;

immeasurably timeless; a dull hum,
a distant moan,
a drone.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

honey bee

honey bee
let me see,
lift the veil;
you look pale!
you need food;
in the mood?
eat sardines,
and a peach.
then do reach
for the keys
(off your knees!
scurry out,
with no pout)
for a drive;
out from five
until ten
and by then
you'll feel fine;
supple spine;
sparkling eyes,
no surprise.
for strong thighs.
yes, i'm sure
a quick cure
this will be;
honey bee.

Stardate 45076.3

Captain's log, supplemental.
I read about the achievements of the ancient Bajoran civilization in my fifth-grade reader. They were architects and artists, builders and philosophers when Humans were not yet standing erect. Now I see how history has rewarded them.

thursday will be one of god

thursday will be one of god
knows how many more yet
to come and you'll be here

for four; it only takes three
seconds as you know; regrets
are like cigarettes

you smoke; ash and trash; stay
cool and collected son; be safe;
i will be the one holding on

to the pen so you won’t, and red
ink will have flowed before then;
if you get through it whole;

otherwise, it's back again;
the same goes for you as well--
as you very well know now.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


is that you,
is it true?
Oh my lord
you look bored,
out of bed
sleepy head.
To the loo
and shampoo;
Outa here,
do you hear;
says so Nox.
Have some lox
if you want
to be gaunt;
take a stroll
in one hand;
sing and dance
in a trance;
music band;
then remand
of juju;
as voodoo;
oh please do

tonight's a borscht kind of night

tonight's a borscht kind of night;
orange or red is immaterial,
as long as it's served hot.

(water parsnips are called for
in the recipe-- not cicuta!
if in doubt use plain celery.)

for desert, E. Wedel Barylki,
no more than four each, i suppose--
cigars and pipe are optional,

so is hubba bubba,

but not hot
Ethiopian coffee,
nor Moroccan mint tea.


sun, rain, rain, rain, f*ck,
sun, rain, rain, rain, f*ck, rain, f*ck;
sun, sun, sun, rain, f*ck.

everything has a thing

everything has a thing
attached; if not strung--

of course a catch
in every batch; fatefully

hatched, tailored and
color matched. snagged, snatched
and patched.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Don't be trite,
While in bed
No more bread!
Now it’s time
For a rhyme
And a trip;
Little skip;
Noxy's close
Take a leap,
It's not steep,
Big surprise,
Flabby thighs!
Droopy eyes,
If you stay
Without play
It is doom,
In that room;
Far too long.
Come along,
Have some fun
In the sun,
Then perhaps
No relapse;
Light and bright;

Saturday, February 6, 2010

irony of ironies

irony of ironies;
after these years

could you
pick me out;

a Vegas canal,

a magician
and a deck;

pick a card, any card;
in a crowd?

i shall spot you--
my heart; my queen.

my love, you're brief

my love, you're brief,
but you don't have to say
for as you know i know
what you mean; i miss you--

whether A or B

whether A or B;
sas, wo, tre;
what's left for me;

the core of us;

oh yes, Alexandria
had a paternal twin,
that's something i suppose;

the river flows; it is,
it shall, it was--
fool's gold;

s'ánmaya parno ratre
s'is'kis wäl; the one
universal constant

you could count on,
but alas, you never
did-- your loss.

4 of N of Y

later-on it rains; a runoff;
then the sun shines;

pavement dries

Stardate 43125.8

Captain's Log, supplemental:
Our computer core has clearly been tampered with and yet there is no sign of a breach of security on board. We have engines back and will attempt to complete our mission. But without a reliable computer, Dr. Stubbs' experiment is in serious jeopardy.

3 of N of Y

the gate scores
a damp, dashed path; a faint drawing;
from front door to the drive;



on to sidewalk, down the block;
gradually trails-off
out of sight;

Friday, February 5, 2010

paremiology 102


paremiology 101


the art's commoditized'n

the art's commoditized'n
algebra's retired;

clicks'n swipes,

points'n drags;

crackers'n trackers--
load'n go slackers;

compromised stackers;

bug scales'n

shards sharp'n claws; vector
mirror, curtains'n

2 of N of Y

alternating steps stamp sopping
ghostly forms; deformed

shadows; upon the chalk-dry
slate floor and on
to parched concrete surfaces along
the garden walk;



strides on;

Thursday, February 4, 2010

speaking of profit, cold or not

speaking of profit, cold or not,
twenty percent of nothing's
simply naught

and yet an agent's fees are not
set on sliding scales; dues are dues;
paid when mature

or collected by means
set by tradition
and precedent.

a shake's a shake,
and a contract-- well ... you know;
"don't make me say it".

on Pingala et al

good god Watson-- look!
they're only Ohs and Oh-nos
strung-up in a row.

late announcement

A Katie Award;
Nuts in May with Stan Laurel--
Hal Roach, Producer.

1 of N of Y

crack; pent-up slime star-bursts underfoot;
splat-squish; exoskeleton collapses;

relish-green guaran guts ooze-- carcass glues
limp on heavy lugged boot's sole;

shhhit!; hisses
and continues;

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Εὕρηκα! it's all figured out

Εὕρηκα! it's all figured out;
beh-- you know, it's not all that hard;
all you have to do is ask 'why'.

oh, darlin', what's wrong with you now?
don't be frightened,
it's all done-- relax your brow;

after all,
it wasn't that hard,
two plus two makes four no matter what.

the puzzle was not mathematical
as you once thought;
oh yes, economics were definitely involved.

i should think not;

it always does.

just to be sure, glance at your wallet once more;
count your greenbacks
then call the hot-line pinned to the door--

the largest of four.

i'll do the same,
then we'll talk to the boys at the yard;
charge them with treason'n fraud

and what not.

7 of N of X

how light rapidly fades
once the sun's crossed the line; passage of time
accelerates when it tussles with shade;

rubicunds facing blues,
allied with slates and steels

engage in a varicolored duel;

without fail,
when warmth seems the victor
abruptly it retreats--

begins to fade;
swift moving forces gallop overhead;

stretch vast gray veils
enshrouding the sky;

for an instant
sun's afterglow resists,
then it's snuffed and it dies--

all's dark;

stars do not twinkle
at that time;

Monday, February 1, 2010

remember, People

remember, People
is not a literary rag

and a diary such as this
is just that;

the dot’s that spot
on top,


remember, People

we built train wrecks

we built train wrecks
and tonight i watched them shine;

hand-polished wheelchair parts
shipped to the port at Rotterdam.

doors and windows open wide,
the Dutch slept as we unloaded;

set about filling dumpsters
until dawn.

i built train wrecks

6 of N of X

"still others,
their paths meander;
aimlessly to the casual eye;

more likely--
deliberate (one can never tell),

stopped here and there--
backtracked a while; circled or spun-around,
at one point paused--

glanced over a shoulder;

continued-on in the direction
i am headed.");

of course that house is off limit

of course that house is off limit;
even the blindest cat knows that;
shattered panes slice soft paws--
wouldn't dare to venture in; eviction
notice is in the mail-- no challenge.
hand written notes, person-to-person,
do not carry equal punch; yes,
another bloody Monday at the City's
Department of Urban Affairs;
all before the lunch wagon's gone.

of course that house is off limit

5 of N of X

a glance back; these depressions linger,
dimples long after detail has been lost;

you think: "you can tell i've crossed this expanse;
one's path stretches back

intermingled alongside those who've strolled-over
this very patch of sand";

(though they're no longer here; "i can tell they were--
some were couples; lock step, arm-in-arm,
perhaps holding hands;

athletes with mission who've carved deeper;

thuds of heel or ball or sole as they trotted past--
those will linger but not that much longer;

for all's relative after all");

"some-- with a favorite pet--
a dalmatian, a lab, a hound;

others still, held children by the hand
as they shuffled about:

a few carried a child part way,
then let him walk alongside,
perhaps the child ran-off toward the sea;
scurried back, chased by an incoming wave
somewhat frightened";