Friday, January 8, 2010

yes, i had given up hope

yes, i had given up hope
by then. and then,
unexpectedly, one day it arrives

from The Department of Books
and Profiles. can you imagine
my surprise?

the date--
August tenth
precisely six-seventeen
in the morning. it read:

we are pleased to inform you
your proposition was accepted
but we regret to say
we are unable to meet you in person--

it is simply impossible for us to do so now,
including the foreseeable future.
never the less at a later date
we might reconsider this.

in the mean while
we thank you for your continued interest;
your immeasurable patience
astounds us.

we remain sincerely yours,

i must say,
this news was as much a delight
as it was a dismay.

even given the ambiguity
i swiftly replied the very same day
(as positively as i was able to
at the time).

ever since then, it's been open ended
as it pertains to questions regarding:
what, how and when.

yes, i had given up hope

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