Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Travel Planning Inquiries Department

The Travel Planning Inquiries Department
c/o Inter-Destination Ways Corporation

to whom it may concern;

two weeks hence i shall be traveling on your liner on a
routine trip-- i run an individualized package service.

at this time, i have two gifts to contend with. one is narrow
and long-- heavy, impossible to fold, the other, although
diminutive and quite light-weight; it seems delicate. i am
told neither one is fit for the luggage hold. they may contain
perishables, i cannot tell you for certain but i suspect
i am correct in saying so.

i write to inquire regarding procedure and protocol as it
pertains to maters regarding such packages especially when
it comes to the passenger compartment of the vessel in
question. do you advise i pay the fare to reserve additional
seats to be used as storage space for them? or would you think
there will be ample room in the interior closets and if so
may i use the space for them? you must understand i cannot make
but a single jaunt on account that both need to be delivered
to their respective destinations on or around the same time of
month, this is what our customers are demanding of us.

please advise at your earliest. this will help us determine
the prices we quote our customers who require these particularly
personalized services of ours. we are certainly proud of them.

i stay sincerely yours;

T. Crown.
Agent: Personalized Deliveries
Semi-Royal Services, Incorporated.

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