Saturday, January 16, 2010

our preference today is Roget's

our preference today is Roget's,
not only for its completeness
and established ubiquity,
but also for the guidance it provides us
in our quest to make sense
of our own ancestral literature, our history,
whose iconography, if any,
is well encapsulated within it.
we are certain you can appreciate this,
as curators yourselves of historic documents and art,
consistency in translation and
thus understanding is our primary aim.
please advise us regarding your thoughts
on the matter, we implore that you tell us
of your favored thesauri
especially as it pertains to literature, poetry and art,
the ones housed in private museums and vaults
you currently are charged to curate.
those master-works are certainly beautiful, a delight,
they are timeless and of great significance,
yet as you know history is laden with gaffs
in interpretation and other such folly.
it has been fraught with senseless war and bloodshed
time and again. as far as we can tell,
fervent devotion to icon, idolification,
especially when misunderstood or exaggerated,
has consistently led to cultural division.
one sort of catastrophe or calamity or another
can usually be attributed to such practice.
as a people, this is a subject of keen interest to us,
we hope you understand this. we are convinced
we are all in the same boat regarding this matter, so to speak,
please pardon our use of such simplistic cliché.
nevertheless, as we await your reply,
we remain sincerely yours and as always, in much admiration.

our preference today is Roget's

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