Friday, January 22, 2010

oh hell, i'll say it then

oh hell, i'll say it then,
i've loved you since
the first gum drops came;
of strawberry jelly,
pure fruit, red ripe.
silk smooth to the bite--

picked fresh off the vine
that very same day. blended,
simmered slow on open flame,
churned and spiced then poured--
gently styled, covered
in granulated sugarcane;
the old fashioned way.

my love, i love you--
more than i do those divine
little drops, toothache and all,
i do. although ... they do remind me
of the taste of your ripe-ruby lips;
as well those other nibbleable bits--
one and all.

oh hell, now what am i supposed to do?
call the dentist i suppose--
or else jump on a train or better yet,
just lay on the tracks
in hopes that you'll rush-in with a bagful
to witness my comical-suicide acts.

oh hell, i'll say it then

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