Monday, February 1, 2010

5 of N of X

a glance back; these depressions linger,
dimples long after detail has been lost;

you think: "you can tell i've crossed this expanse;
one's path stretches back

intermingled alongside those who've strolled-over
this very patch of sand";

(though they're no longer here; "i can tell they were--
some were couples; lock step, arm-in-arm,
perhaps holding hands;

athletes with mission who've carved deeper;

thuds of heel or ball or sole as they trotted past--
those will linger but not that much longer;

for all's relative after all");

"some-- with a favorite pet--
a dalmatian, a lab, a hound;

others still, held children by the hand
as they shuffled about:

a few carried a child part way,
then let him walk alongside,
perhaps the child ran-off toward the sea;
scurried back, chased by an incoming wave
somewhat frightened";

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