Sunday, January 31, 2010

make sure the children only drink

make sure the children only drink
the berry punch, the other bowl's laced;
it's for the adults; drop-off your keys
by the door; friends don't let friends
drive drunk. oh, no, are you kidding?
the lion's fake-- but if you'd like,
later on you can take a swing once
the kids have had their way with it.

make sure the children only drink

o, hell, go ahead and strike

o hell, go ahead and strike;
that's what workers do
when unionized. you know--
"power to the people" and
what not. what's it called
again, collective something
or another? where's the table
and where's my mic. fetch it
before we haul it all down-
south. turn up the volume
when i tell you;
give me a second to cough--
clear-out the phlegm.
here's my fucking hat--
hold on to it till i'm done.

o, hell, go ahead and strike

towers' raison d'être's

towers' raison d'être's
attention, steal workers
know it; simple scaffolding
especially when erected
on barren plain; desolate--
where greeting's cliché;
crave news-reel space
at small town theaters,
elementarily subtitled--
blocked lettering; degrees
optional for audiences.

towers' raison d'être's

4 of N of X

you are thinking of yesterdays fallen by the wayside
as well of possible tomorrows;
themes to be worked out;


a symphony of memory and possibility,
intertwined with lowered notes of loss and doubt
tossed together with longing and angst,
and necessary choice

buttressed by certain stride;

timbre, hum and thrum (footsteps over damp sand,
once placed, compress; imprints are left behind;
first crisp then begin to fade at once,
as reveries do soon after one's roused;

when soles lift and tracks are windblown
one granule at a time) resound
as though an orchestra rehearses

progressions; first melody then bridge then chorus--
melody over again;

the short of it


Saturday, January 30, 2010

3 of N of X

your step slows,

now each toe's dug deliberately in the sand,
apprehensive-- yes,
and yet your mind does not linger there

for these thoughts which sweep past your mind's eye;
as though blown-in
by the afternoon's gust (the leading edge

of a regularly anticipated evening wind,
having crossed the ocean's expanse
has begun to arrive;

launched off continents far to the west, beyond the waning sun,
well beyond the horizon's edge, where it's still day
or otherwise it might already be tomorrow there by now)

have been milling about in your head, sculpting forms,
pliable as they may be;

such are the shapes one sees in clouds
instants before they morph or are no longer clear;

this, for a length of time;
you don’t know how long; you have been
strolling here alone;


if breathing
made me forget you
i would not.

Friday, January 29, 2010

it is with regret that i write

it is with regret that i write
to tell you that we have tried
everything possible, including
several nozzles ranging from
the big through the small. rain--
that's the secret. integration
of the low-lands seems to be
afflicted by a case of entropy;
all experts we have asked agree,
even ones from down under. the
rose refuses to flourish as we
had expected. we will be trying
a few other approaches. we'll
keep you posted on their outcome.
until then have faith, we do.

breaking noose

u2 release
satirical compendium

2 of N of X

this, when the tide's rolling in
and the late afternoon sun's rays are slanted;
shades of amber-honey; a glaze--

translucent-gold oozed over a deep magenta sky
along with the red ember-glow setting light
to the tall clay cliffs up ahead facing west:

gulley-gouged, ravine-scored along their entire aging face;
with touches of rouge and rose and raw salmon blush
bounced-off the underbellies of gathered clouds at the horizon

in streaks and in clumps and in random masses--
smoke-puff soft and cotton-ball light;
they've always congregated here: each afternoon,

at this time of year, reinventing this glorious sight
time and again;


is what i live on
my love.

i eat and breathe
to sustain

i'm famished.


old breaking news

trades words
for still picture

1 of N of X

as the chatter of the crowd fades in and out of earshot
dampened by the sound of crashing waves to your left,
froth bubbling, milk-white as it settles;

an effervescent cola-hiss dissipating over sand,
now runway-smooth;

a giant mirror's laid-down out from thin air
reflecting the sky in exquisite detail,

seconds hence it vanishes;
as though the mirror just passed,
leaving behind an endless expanse of silk smooth sand,

steam-ironed flat, searing hot at the surface
even though it's not;

Thursday, January 28, 2010

although it was not

although it was not
it could have easily been,
had it not been
for the Time Warp;
that handy little step,
for those who know it--
it's a god sent.

noons beget afternoons
as todays become tomorrows
and yesterdays; well--
they are swept clean
through and through.
at the discretion of dancers
and conductors alike.

learn it!

you never know
when you'll need it.

once you do,
you'll never
forget it.

here we go:

It's just a jump to the left
And then a step to the right
Put your hands on your hips
You bring your knees in tight
But it's the pelvic thrust
That really drives you insane

Let's do the time warp again!

Let's do the time warp again!

marker on the calendar

we meet;

a freefall requires

a freefall requires
altitude martin. wear
a suit, pack a shute,
climb aboard-- jump;

pull on the ripcord
at the appropriate time;

that's all. that's it--
that's how it's done.

a freefall requires

1, 2 and/or 3

i hope
one day
you will

one day
you will
i hope

you will
i hope
one day

weather report 28.1.10

f*cking clouds

dear diary

my love ...
and i slept;
woke up in a dream.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

when it comes to theatrical housekeeping

when it comes to theatrical housekeeping,
i am master, you are understudy.

since i was off on Tuesday
i thank you for covering for me,

also for the meticulously bagged
samples of choice dust-bunnies.

since my hobby's taxidermy
i shall mount one in your honor

to be presented at
your graduation ceremony

at the conclusion of this season. again,
thank you; your performance is noteworthy.

when it comes to theatrical housekeeping

the telegram read:

the telegram read:

--X-- STOP

it was sent on time
and promptly delivered;

responded the instant
it arrived;

that was that.

the telegram read:

i am Demoman

i am Demoman,
demolition's my game;

Noxy's a simple Pyro-- he wears
retardant laced body suites
and silly rubber gloves on his hands;
gas-mask on his face.

he squirts jet fuel from a dangling hose
then lights a flare--
ignites the grass near by
and hay stacks here and there,

i, on the other hand,
i lob timer based grenades
with excruciating precision
and unbelievable flair;

and then i detonate them
at just the right instant
with a sub-sonic din and
searing explosive flame.


kiss your fanny
bye bye!

will's kept in trust when

will's kept in trust when
intent's shared in kind
as well stop— a symbol's held in
high regard. till then
no's a go as yes's'n mores,
so’re slows— requests to follow
at digression’s best, in mutual regard.
clear of mind or heart's imminent desires
till contentment's shared
goal’s obliged—
drawn, witnessed and signed;
sealed tight; ribbon tied;
relieved; held penned
in close confidence;
thus secured till spent,
later to be unbound.

will's kept in trust when

rope does not burn; it smokes

rope does not burn; it smokes
when doused, drenched and lit,
but a tongue can in fact, dipped or not,
yet, in its own right it's not tied in a knot
unless a word's swallowed—
withheld when hard pressed; whisper's
not words suppressed; audible—
urgently dressed in hiss or kiss—
exhaled; released in ardent breath;
veiled yet laced with clarion intent
as deliberately stressed.

rope does not burn; it smokes

Monday, January 25, 2010

A une Damoyselle Malade - by Clement Marot

From Douglas Hofstadter's incredible book:
'Le Ton beau de Marot
In Praise of the Music of Language
(1997 by Basic Books).

A few simple rules:

1. The poem is made up of twenty-eight lines.
2. Each line has three syllables.
3. The stress falls on the last of these syllables.
4. In a series of rhyming couplets (AABBCCDD…)
5. In the first fourteen lines, he addresses her using the formal 'vous' form, and then goes on to call her 'tu'- more friendly or colloquial.
6. The last line echoes the first.
7. The poet slips his own name into the poem.

A une Damoyselle

Clement Marot

Ma mignonne,
Je vous donne
Le bon jour ;
Le séjour
C'est prison.
Puis ouvrez
Votre porte
Et qu 'on sorte
Car Clément
Le vous mande.
Va, friande
De ta bouche,
Qui se couche
En danger
Pour manger
Confitures ;
Si tu dures
Trop malade,
Couleur fade
Tu prendras,
Et perdras
Dieu te doint
Santé bonne,
Ma mignonne.

Cutie pie

Douglas Hofstadter

Cutie pie,
Herewith I
Wish you well,
In you cell.
It's like jail
When you ail,
Hope you make
'Twill be gay,
Without doubt,
Once you're out.
"Quick!" says Clem,
"Flush your phlegm!"
Think of ham,
Eggs and jam --
Pretty posh
Stuff to nosh;
But no way,
If you stay
Stuck abed,
With those med-
ical folks
Making pokes.
"One needs sun-
light and fun!!"
So say I,
Cutie pie.

Fairest friend

Robert French

Fairest friend,
Let me send
My embrace.
Quit this place,
Its dark halls
And dank walls.
I soft stealth.
Regain health:
Dress and flee
Off with me,
Clement, who
Calls for you.
Fin gourmet,
Hid from day,
Danger's past,
So at last
Let's be gone,
To dine on
Honeyed ham
And sweet jam.
If you're still
Wan and ill,
You will cede
Pounds you need.
May God's wealth
Bless your health
Till the end,
Fairest friend.


Carol Hofstadter

I decree
A fine day.
Dart away
From your cage
And engage
In brave flight,
So you might
Flee the coup.
Hope you swoop
Into ham,
Apple jam,
And French bread,
Or instead
You will lose
The bright hues
Of your plumes.
Flu consumes
Scrawny birds;
Heed my words
And take care.
Slip the snare
That does pinch
My wee finch.
Hopes abound
That aground
You won’t be,


Robert French


if it's not one

if it's not one
it's you know what.
even the bees are
at the eves tonight, although
you should know
i do not begrudge them
yet i vow honey's
off the list as of now.
in the end, a petty distraction
relative to what may soon transpire.

if it's not one

junk drawer case, keepsake maze

junk drawer case, keepsake maze,
a place for bric-à-bracs,
odds-and-ends kept safe
yet out of sight--

links, clasps, posts,
pins and needles and things,
studs, nuts and screws,
wedding rings,

arrow heads of flint and steel,
a silk thread bobbin,
a length of rope, swatches
of cloth and satin,

tape, rusty old keys,
ribbons and bows,
two Master combination locks,
vials of scented oils,

glow-sticks, clips and clamps,
perfume samplers,
a fly hook and a lure,
notes and reminders,

wood glue,
a flash-light on a key ring,
gadgets of puncture
and binding, string,

instruction books, pamphlets,
polaroids, a pair of shades,
small picture frames,
tape recordings, magnets,

bars of airline soap, condoms,
love notes, clasp from a bra,
torn tickets to the opera,
a scribbled poem, envelope,

jeweler’s loop in alabaster case--
velvet lined and padded,
creaking of the drawer, rails screech;
memories kept-- yet to be discarded.

junk drawer case, keepsake maze

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Space... the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no man has gone before.


Captain's Log, Stardate 43152.4:
We are cautiously entering the Delta Rana star system three days after receiving a distress call from the Federation colony on its fourth planet. The garbled transmission reported the colony under attack from an unidentified spacecraft. Our mission is one of rescue and, if necessary, confrontation with a hostile force.

Dear prospective pre-fellow

Dear prospective pre-fellow,

We are elated to inform you we have concluded you are to receive a pre-invitation for the privilege of receiving an invitation of membership into our private, inter-mutual society. Please consider this letter to be our formal yet extremely private and confidential pre-invitation in confirmation of our above said decision.

We are delighted to extend this pre-invitation to you not because of your abilities, which we understand are exemplary, formidable and admirable, neither because of your formidable physique whether in appearance or dimension or both, nor your absolutely fortuitous and fitting age - that measure of your temporal proportion - not even your argentine demeanor nor your tendency to be overly presentable at public and private affairs. We should tell you, we considered neither your stellar record of achievement, nor any of your obviously innumerable innate talents, which we gather are plainly evident and extensive and most superlative, especially as they pertain to your chosen vocation which itself, we are told, is beyond reproach and extremely admirable. No-- the primary factor which influenced our decision, whether to extend this pre-invitation or not, was our own pedestrian yet extensive assessment of the likelihood, the calculable propensity, that you are likely to possess that elusive quality, the ability to make the present members of our inter-mutual society feel elated to be within a certain physical proximity of you-- to be close enough and yet not enough to cause discomfort nor any awkwardness in a measurable sense and yet to be delighted to be there, together, along side one another. We believe you are likely to possess the requisite qualities; in fact we are quite certain that you do. You must understand we have observed you closely for a good while now and thus we are quite confident in our judgment regarding the matter.

You see, we, as a group of members of this obscure yet intriguing society, strive to be delighted to be in one another’s company, to enjoy one another’s presence within an undefined and yet a certain, subjectively discernable, measure of proximity of a certain none-predetermined scale or measure nor set of boundaries. We are of the opinion, or should we be as brash as to suggest that we strongly suspect, you are also of a like mind regarding this opinion; thus we predict, with a certain degree of prejudice and premeditation, that you will in fact be a supremely congruent addition to our exclusive yet collegiate collective especially by the time it is all said and done; when the pre-invitation has resolved into an invitation and it in turn into an enrolment and finally a continuing membership come fellowship. We hope you agree with us, we really do. In fact we pray that you do.

We implore you that you reply at your earliest convenience to inform us whether or not you are inclined to view our pre-invitation in a positive light, and further, if you should do so, may we beg you if you could please disclose to us, in your own words, in writing, in your own hand, what membership in this particular circle will mean to you? We kindly ask you to do so as soon as it is practicable for you to do so, we beg you. Please do, as soon as you possible are able to.

Our dearest, newest, selected one; our prospective friend and pre-fellow; we would like for you to understand we are glad we found you, here, at this very moment in time, at this very juncture in the history of our inter-mutual society and also at this pivotal point in your illustrious life-- it was a stroke of luck, of fortune, it may have even been providence; we think this to be true.

We look forward to hear from you in the not too distant future as we wait in anticipation for your first letter to us to arrive, even if it is merely in response to this mundane and tentative letter of ours. We want you to know we are overly excited, as we hope and dare to imagine that you are too.

We close in devotion and in anticipation as we remain cordially yours,

Z. Candringa.

Secretary and Senior Coordinator:
Affairs Pertaining to Selection, Membership and Collective Harmony

The Grand Old Inter-Mutual Society.
“The people who are elated to be within a certain proximity of one another.”

form letter; pre-invitation

Friday, January 22, 2010

oh hell, i'll say it then

oh hell, i'll say it then,
i've loved you since
the first gum drops came;
of strawberry jelly,
pure fruit, red ripe.
silk smooth to the bite--

picked fresh off the vine
that very same day. blended,
simmered slow on open flame,
churned and spiced then poured--
gently styled, covered
in granulated sugarcane;
the old fashioned way.

my love, i love you--
more than i do those divine
little drops, toothache and all,
i do. although ... they do remind me
of the taste of your ripe-ruby lips;
as well those other nibbleable bits--
one and all.

oh hell, now what am i supposed to do?
call the dentist i suppose--
or else jump on a train or better yet,
just lay on the tracks
in hopes that you'll rush-in with a bagful
to witness my comical-suicide acts.

oh hell, i'll say it then

intricate but

intricate but
when lines
set upright
a torment,
a song;
in fleeting

intricate but

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Corn Oil,


Onion and Garlic
and Tomato

Dried Chili Pepper,
Monosodium Glutamate (Flavor

Citric Acid (For Tartness),
Natural and Artificial

Paprika Extract

Choking Hazard!

Do Not Give Product
to Children Six
or Under.

Toll Free

to Show

0g Trans Fat.

See Nutritional
for Sodium Content.

Tear Here.

Serving Size
1 Packet.

Amount Per Serving:
220 Clories, 70
from Fat

(Total Fat 8g,
Saturated 1g,
0g Trans Fat),


Potassium, Protein,

Are Based on
a 2000 Calorie Diet.

Con Limon.

The Ultimate Crunch!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i've often wondered, where

i've often wondered, where
on a line one should find
the mark marked
"beyond this spot
one's no longer one".
it's commonly said
"you hail from a foreign land"
and when in turn, "and you,
you are of this place, i presume,
is this your ancestral home?";
bland stares, brow laden
accusations are flown.
then, the foreigners in them
sit cross-legged in neo-native form.

i've often wondered, where

dabs and slashes

dabs and slashes
'til you retreat,
then they're not.

is red red, blue blue,
shimmer shimmer,
glare glare?

dusk or dawn,
here, there,
or somewhere entirely new?

hear a song in-between,
harmonized, blended in--
is it just me
or you do too?

dabs and slashes

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

an overhang, that's what it takes

an overhang, that's what it takes.
precarious-- yes. as life is
a ride which seems forever
when it's not. first survey
then jump upon the center, feet first,
head last-- once,
at the very least. deeper.

an overhang, that's what it takes

today you're nineteen

today you're nineteen,
oh what joy! and tomorrow--
what's a decade more? don't forget
Timket! cover your head!
dip, drench, and drown one
at the river's edge.
pledge to forget some;
not those that matter, son!
still, do remember
to remember
our distinctive lore.

today you're nineteen

Monday, January 18, 2010

it has a mug of significance

it has a mug of significance
not a purpose-built sweeper of rain
or effluence. no tale
of vertical grandeur. one's an appendage of a box,
the other resounds
wool; there was no hoof. all's immaterial
when circulation's bound to intact pumps, everywhere.
advertised Hollywood props;
contorted mallets of indiscriminate strike.
otherwise our own faulty elucidation of the snarled,
i pray for a maybe as i stay
in resistance to Ollie's folly today.

it has a mug of significance

Sunday, January 17, 2010

princess of Ethiopia

princess of Ethiopia
don't despair!
keep your toes
warm and dry;
fling them high
between Diphda and Mira--
he'll soon be there.

princess of Ethiopia

all was not lost

all was not lost
while being composed,

but after the debut in oh five it became
funeral carousel song.

a score suited for the tone
of pipe-organ

interwoven melodies echo the long dead
and the imminent

first performed at a convention of affairs
of scalps and head;

their motto:
'do no harm to one on the verge,

paralysis of will is remedy,
not scourge.

one should wait a while longer
and see'.

mesmerizing when played by experts
of unconfined capacity,

if sporadically.

all was not lost the day

Saturday, January 16, 2010



our preference today is Roget's

our preference today is Roget's,
not only for its completeness
and established ubiquity,
but also for the guidance it provides us
in our quest to make sense
of our own ancestral literature, our history,
whose iconography, if any,
is well encapsulated within it.
we are certain you can appreciate this,
as curators yourselves of historic documents and art,
consistency in translation and
thus understanding is our primary aim.
please advise us regarding your thoughts
on the matter, we implore that you tell us
of your favored thesauri
especially as it pertains to literature, poetry and art,
the ones housed in private museums and vaults
you currently are charged to curate.
those master-works are certainly beautiful, a delight,
they are timeless and of great significance,
yet as you know history is laden with gaffs
in interpretation and other such folly.
it has been fraught with senseless war and bloodshed
time and again. as far as we can tell,
fervent devotion to icon, idolification,
especially when misunderstood or exaggerated,
has consistently led to cultural division.
one sort of catastrophe or calamity or another
can usually be attributed to such practice.
as a people, this is a subject of keen interest to us,
we hope you understand this. we are convinced
we are all in the same boat regarding this matter, so to speak,
please pardon our use of such simplistic cliché.
nevertheless, as we await your reply,
we remain sincerely yours and as always, in much admiration.

our preference today is Roget's

Friday, January 15, 2010

although 'a stiff one'

although 'a stiff one'
has several meanings,
tonight tequila
accompanied by lime;
likely a second
to follow.
then 'a stiff two'?
oh, i suppose.

although 'a stiff one'

every day has one after it

every day has one after it,
this is the nature of time.

each a renewed re-start,
boundless potential, halcyon sight.

( i believe it. i'm certain. i hope
you are as well. )

mornings begin fulvous,
first muted gold,
pink pastel preceding
blue crystal and diamond,
bright, clear-cast skies
once again. alight.

continuity reaffirmed;

every day has one after it

a give and take

a give and take
a hand, a mind
and a heart

white paper and line

tentative, light
bold, broken-line


negative space
an impression
a glance

an unfinished thought
seemingly plain

an idea
a fleeting emotion

a place, a time
a beat then skipped
a love and a dream, caught

an expression
engraved, wood cut
preserved whole


a give and take

Thursday, January 14, 2010

caution is kept, not wind swept

caution is kept, not wind swept.
encapsulated and planted whole
at the outset of an early spring
along long beds
of growth. landscapes
and cobbled walks,
enduringly cultivated.
a quaint notion.
shorn, roots
shallowed, shoots
pruned when tender,
when pliable.
laborious; yes--

caution is kept, not wind swept

it's neither white

it's neither white
nor black,
my private monochrome.
ascetic by fate
of purchase here
to loss
and forlorn.
those restless beasts
of our realm out there.
a token home;
both real
and both lonesome.

it's neither white

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Clod The Great

Clod The Great
of Limerickland
that i am,
each one i attempt
to pen and send,
in the end,
shape-shifted, painted

stamped undeliverable.

Clod The Great

this is not a news flash

this is not a news flash,
not in the least. a recap
at best; not for plain
purpose nor reason.

as the rest, fichus
are naturally shorn
close to the crest in
a celebratory season.

what is best is a reflective
sheer to those who detest this
least; birds chirp and nest
somewhere else.

it is pictured as advanced
counsel taken while returning
to regularly scheduled operation.
thus cast are sincerest thanks.

this is not a news flash.

a desert rat

a desert rat
in gondolier's hat
holds an olive-picker's
heart and disposition.

taste one off the vine!
appreciate the cured
in brine, by demand
or tradition.

desert rat

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

taking the bull by the horn--

taking the bull by the horn--
fitting metaphor, as opposed to
by the tail; then shit faced.

yet, should we question
the aptness in the year of tiger
and tigress? be picky!

choose appendages to tackle
earnestly, or be mauled.

taking the bull by the horn--

The Travel Planning Inquiries Department

The Travel Planning Inquiries Department
c/o Inter-Destination Ways Corporation

to whom it may concern;

two weeks hence i shall be traveling on your liner on a
routine trip-- i run an individualized package service.

at this time, i have two gifts to contend with. one is narrow
and long-- heavy, impossible to fold, the other, although
diminutive and quite light-weight; it seems delicate. i am
told neither one is fit for the luggage hold. they may contain
perishables, i cannot tell you for certain but i suspect
i am correct in saying so.

i write to inquire regarding procedure and protocol as it
pertains to maters regarding such packages especially when
it comes to the passenger compartment of the vessel in
question. do you advise i pay the fare to reserve additional
seats to be used as storage space for them? or would you think
there will be ample room in the interior closets and if so
may i use the space for them? you must understand i cannot make
but a single jaunt on account that both need to be delivered
to their respective destinations on or around the same time of
month, this is what our customers are demanding of us.

please advise at your earliest. this will help us determine
the prices we quote our customers who require these particularly
personalized services of ours. we are certainly proud of them.

i stay sincerely yours;

T. Crown.
Agent: Personalized Deliveries
Semi-Royal Services, Incorporated.

Monday, January 11, 2010

engineer's dream

engineer's dream,
artist's nightmare.
upper appendages require
time upon time of study
preceding the layering of brushstrokes--

true whether varnish or paint.
more so than torso
yet not much so,
but still a dream
for the mechanically inclined:

three phalanges,
the carpals,
each blood vessel,
muscles, and tendons alike,
as well the three primary nerves,

each astonishingly aligned;
marvels indeed
in industrial design.

engineer's dream

the southwestern rattler

the southwestern rattler,
the diamond back,
croatalus and sistrurus to be exact,
we step with care in the brush,
out here, out there,
especially in the dark,
under shade
of manzanita bush,
unless of course we spot one
covered in hardened petroleum jell
infused with adobe-amber or desert rose,
even of the lighter pink-ish tones,
slightly bulging, radically foreshortened,
perfectly smooth,
no scales;
those ones are fine
to lift and to shake,
we do,
we play them, they're quite melodic
and tame.

the southwestern rattler

Friday, January 8, 2010

yes, i had given up hope

yes, i had given up hope
by then. and then,
unexpectedly, one day it arrives

from The Department of Books
and Profiles. can you imagine
my surprise?

the date--
August tenth
precisely six-seventeen
in the morning. it read:

we are pleased to inform you
your proposition was accepted
but we regret to say
we are unable to meet you in person--

it is simply impossible for us to do so now,
including the foreseeable future.
never the less at a later date
we might reconsider this.

in the mean while
we thank you for your continued interest;
your immeasurable patience
astounds us.

we remain sincerely yours,

i must say,
this news was as much a delight
as it was a dismay.

even given the ambiguity
i swiftly replied the very same day
(as positively as i was able to
at the time).

ever since then, it's been open ended
as it pertains to questions regarding:
what, how and when.

yes, i had given up hope

Thursday, January 7, 2010

it takes but one but one must

it takes but one but one must
otherwise it's none.

yes, one plus one makes two
thus mothers another as significant

with cyclic responses oscillating
the count mounts,

yet it's drawn fast--
exponentially at times.

still, clout rests in the hands
of a commission of one

at the outset
as well throughout--

deliberately alternating.

it takes one but one must

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

well, today is d day

well, today is d day.
in the end, the men
will hum one of two signal-
tones tossing jelly
bellies at me all along
color matched to the iPod
tunes i played for them
privately on head phones.
i will have to face them
alone and bare and yes,
i'll be lonely and scared.
but don't worry, let me,
after all it's my songs
they will be judging.

well, today is d day,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

gravity propels it. yes, but is it really Blue?

gravity propels it. yes, but is it really Blue?

for me to ponder
as i drink heartily from the very hole
our ancestors drew
over the millennia.

i don my chordates coat,
forage, hunt,
bathe, and lay sealed, contented

still undulating
within the warmth of its bowels.

though i know where it comes from
it is not clear where it's been.

i close my eyes.

as i begin to dream
i ask:
from where does your strength emanate?
what made you fierce?
and why?

while i plumb deeper--

gravity propels it. yes, but is it really Blue?

Monday, January 4, 2010

i haven't had a drop in five years

i haven't had a drop in five years
except during Lent and Passover
(ok, occasionally when i'm alone)
yet we keep a cabinet full,
under glass, pinot, cabanet,
Tanqueray, Moet and goodness
knows what else is in there. i don't
stop to look-in these days but
don't get me wrong, i'm not
a teetotaler. of course it's hard.
then there's my fucking heritage
and a myriad other admonitions.
i suppose i simply lack a staunch
partner willing to hang one on
for i've never liked doing it alone.

i haven't had a drop in five years