Sunday, December 13, 2009

xx-th of xxxxxxxx, xxxx

xx-th of xxxxxxxx, xxxx
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my dearest,

our journey has almost begun.

monday at dawn we board. we will set sail through the narrows and head along the protected waters of the seaboard slowly making our way north.

i am filled with great anticipation as i sit here thinking ahead. i have hardly slept for three nights now.

i suspect at first we will stay close to shore, near enough to be able to see towns perched high on distant hills, smoke rising up to the sky from small fishing villages which dot the shoreline over here. it should be smooth sailing and serene.

this until we veer directly offshore two or three days hence and then turn due north once again cutting a more deliberate line as we settle into the first long leg of our passage headed your way.

i know from that point on we will be at the mercy of good fortune himself in regards to the weather and conditions at sea. i so detest open sea voyages, as you well know dearest - i can feel my face turn gray as i think of this even now.

this journey, which we have put off oh, so many times, is not one i consider to be the crowning event of my lifetime but the thought of the final destination, especially the fact that it will mean we will be together at long last, makes it such that i would endure those hardships willingly many times over.

i am now beside myself as i envisage this eventual outcome, i flush -- i have missed you immensely my dearest, more than you can imagine.

i will now post this letter as i give you my word that i shall write more while on board - the first installment of which i will dispatch at our first landfall a month or so from today.

goodbye for now my love, wish us well. wish us fair winds and fair skies from now till the end -- we will need them both i am certain of this.

i send you my heart felt love and every good sentiment possible along with even more if you will accept them.

i stay yours alone
as alone i stay
till then my love,

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