Monday, December 7, 2009

when you are the lead pin

when you are the lead pin
in this game, you should not be surprised when
they aim those heavy balls they heave
directly at you. ninepins or ten,
that is simply how it is played.
yes, their scheme is to knock you down
yet you are only a pawn - framed,
to be used, you are bounced
towards the subsequent line standing directly behind you –
so on and so forth
until the final contingent has been hit and cleared.
but don't despair!
for as soon as you have fallen
you'll be swept up and set upright
and again, the lead space will be yours –
you will take it
with a glint in your eye, your head held up high,
poised and balanced
ready to stare them down once again.
you are and shall always be
the one in front
you see, you are the one in nine
or the one in ten –
in this rough but simplest game.

when you are the lead pin

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