Sunday, December 13, 2009

T. L. S. [3]

This marks the longest I have stayed in one place
since I left home
at seventeen.

There is so much here
that I will never understand.

I have never been a church-going man.

what I have seen on the field of battle
has led me to question
God's purpose.

there is indeed
something spiritual in this place.

And though
it may forever be obscure to me,
I cannot but be aware of its power.

I do know
it is here
that I have known my first untroubled sleep

in many years.

From the wonderful script
by by John Logan
with revisions by Edward Zwick &
Marshall Herskovitz.

This is lifted directly from the script,
slightly reformatted here. There are
many other gems in it. A delight.
Thank you.

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