Sunday, December 13, 2009

T. L. S. [2]

I continue to live among these
extraordinary people.

They seem to value nothing
more than their families, and yet
they kill defenseless wounded men
without a shade of remorse.

From the moment they wake,
they devote themselves to the perfection
of whatever they pursue --
I have never seen such discipline.

And yet
I am confounded
by their contradictions,
savagery followed by mildness.

Everyone is polite,
every nuance of behavior
seems to have great meaning --

And yet I keep offending.

From the wonderful script
by by John Logan
with revisions by Edward Zwick &
Marshall Herskovitz.

This is lifted directly from the script,
slightly reformatted here. There are
many other gems in it. A delight.
Thank you.

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