Sunday, December 13, 2009

T. L. S. [1]

First you need to grab a handful of hair
and give it a quick jerk
in order to loosen the skin.

Then you saw the scalp off a little at a time
because the blades are usually dull
and the skin doesn't come off all at once.

The problem is getting enough leverage
when your hands are bloody —
and slick.

And, of course,
the person being scalped
is generally still alive and screaming,

so a knee in the back
tends to quiet them down
and give you the purchase you need

to finish the job.

From the wonderful script
by by John Logan
with revisions by Edward Zwick &
Marshall Herskovitz.

This is lifted directly from the script,
slightly reformatted here. There are
many other gems in it. A delight.
Thank you.

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