Thursday, December 17, 2009

let us consider

let us consider
manners of running,
away or otherwise

if a horse,
there's the gallop
the simpler form -- the trot.

(if Icelandic
the tolt
properly spelt
with an umlaut.)

the beeline is one
the getaway another
both can be done
in more than one manner.

one can hurdle,
or dash,
dart, sprint
or just bolt out.

when going to battle,
the charge
the hightail
to get the hell out.

in suburbia
one jogs
in street talk
splits or simply jams.

classically speaking
to lope
when waxing poetic --

on familiar soil
or foreign ground.
in the street,
or in the park

shod in fine leather
or basic stockings
with premeditation
or not

running is running --
to, from or away
we all seem to be doing it

let us consider

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