Sunday, December 27, 2009

i store the extracts

i store the extracts
you send in crystal bottles
embossed with Crosses
of Lorraine. i have also hidden
double daggers along
with sheathes and belts fit
to wear while crossing
frozen tundras
and the ice deserts ahead.

next, i shall decide on clothing,
starting with the layer
closest to our skins.
to be sure to be kept driest
i will select moisture-wicking
polypropylene. the next layer,
for warmth, lamb's wool will be
my choice. for the final,
the windbreaker, it will be
down filled coats.

extremely well
insulated winter boots
are also a must.
truth be told
i do not recall
your shoe size anymore.
remind me of this
the next time
you write me, please.

today, i practice cutting
perfectly round holes
for fishing in the ice,
deep and chiseled clean
as i also prepare diamond
tipped steel hooks and nets
made of spider-spun silk rope
for scooping and landing
more reliably than doing so
in our bare hands.

all this said
we still need to select
our point of departure and
the day on the calendar,
we also need to settle on
the ultimate destination.
please advise by month's end next.
until then, as always, i stay

P.S. we also should
discuss matters related
to shelter, as you might
imagine there remain a few
questions to be addressed.

i store the extracts

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