Thursday, December 24, 2009

done carefully, sweet

done carefully, sweet
yet somewhat salty
slightly bitter on the tongue
as mahlab is
from an ancient land
thoroughly blended
yet sophisticated
is what you are
to me.

i knead you slow
and deliberate, head to toe
when you lay there, face down
and bare.
palm roll your pale cream-colored skin
from shoulders
to the tips
of your delicate limbs, and hair,
long and thin, glistening
drip drizzled
in exotic oils
kept in bottles of crystal, crowned
in sandalwood and gold.

i snap you, double you over
lay you flat on your back.
rope spun
then double crossed
hips, ankles and thighs
then blown
in heated breath
coal-fired crimson blast
across your entire undulated form
making you blush
and flush,
first rose
then red,
later amber-bronze then pale again
as it dissipates.

i shall hold you firm in my hands,
raise you to my hungry lips,
in a french kiss,
circle-roll my tongue
as i take small bites
and kitten-laps
i sample and taste then swallow
your very essence,
with a squint
in my eyes and bated breath.

i will remember your aftertaste
all day
and still tomorrow

done carefully, sweet


Anonymous said...

oh my ... this is .. sensational ... wonderfully done!

Noxalio said...

-veronique, yes, you got it ... anticipation is an ingredient which is certainly additive, no?

-forgetmenow, how nice to hear from you today. i enjoy your writing.

i thank you both
for your kind words.