Sunday, December 27, 2009

all they'd find is a smoldering mound of ash and coal

all they'd find is a smoldering mound of ash and coal
and a heady, lingering pungent scent
of our combusted love

(spots of my pearl-ivory cum mixed-in with sweat,
goddess drizzle from you as well, this is all
they will detect).

by then we would have sparked, turned into light,
sun-spot bright, streaking clear across
to the other side, still entwined,

risen high above the clouds locked in lust's embrace
a tantric position improbable, hard to explain --
glowing red-hot almost white.

your storm blown hair, vine-wrapped around our forms,
tentacle shaped, spun firmly around our hips, our necks.
lips locked upon lips,

hard plunged my glowing cock - a lightning strike
deep inside your pulsating cunt, itself torrid and volcanic,
as if flowing with lava and honey, molten hot.

we swirled and spun near the speed of light, a funnel cloud,
up and up we spiraled until we finally stalled --
lay there weightless for a moment,

completely still then into a shallow dive,
a slow tumble, head over tail,
a vertigo elevator ride, back down and down

picking up speed as we went, air rushing urgently
across our backs, whistling through our hair,
leaving contrails as we fell, silver-white through the air.

we screech-dove, kamikaze-style, then bull's eye --
an ocean plunge, we hit the surface -- splat and shattered,
burst out loud,

turned into hissing steam then into cloud, we vaporized
then rose up once again
as a mushroom cloud.

soon we fell back down, a fine mist then hard pounding rain,
torrential yet warm and tropical, we gushed for a while
until we barely flowed. finally spent and dead

yet apparently content.

all they'd find is a smoldering mound of ash and coal

(imagined and sketched during
a boring professional conference.

possibly a signal to consider a career change?
all comments welcomed also in that regard.)

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