Thursday, November 12, 2009

tonight i'm afraid

tonight i'm afraid
i will lose sight of you once again
for the eighth or ninth time,

i lost count.

this time i suspect
it will be forever
as i can find no sway.

i veer away

to my safe harbor
for i am fresh out of stock
and the essentials for living,

we are all dying here.

but remember, i shall wait for you
confident of your fix
as to where i winter; disguised

and shrouded in obscurity.

unlike times past it will be
your charge to find me hence
where in silence i stay


to my memories of you
and those of you
with me.

fair winds to you.

tonight i'm afraid


sniegaroze said...

.. Since this page was lost for some long hours today, i thought the fear was too big to post ;)
.. If seriously, i like this poem very much, it rewinds me some of my own moods and feelings...
Very beautiful, thank you :)

Noxalio said...

thank you so much sniegaroze!!

yes, i took it down for some further editing (the first cut had some big problems) ...

i hope you like this revision better than the first.

oh, it's good to see you here.