Sunday, November 15, 2009

i loved you once, my love then

i loved you once, my love, then; now i love you a third more and as such i suspect when ever shall be upon us hence i shall say the same as i say now about then and too of now which should also be then by then.

my love for you my love, was and is and always shall be as the very three swaths of time are, entwined, and thus shall always be and grow in thirds till the end of all time and even then again it shall begin anew along side eternal time's coda;

time has no beginning nor ending my love; by that very same design my love for you has neither of them as well.

my love,
i loved you once,
now i love you once again
and tomorrow once more i shall.

i loved you once, my love then


sniegaroze said...

.. kind of mesmerizing.. love it so much..

Noxalio said...


thank you for reading, loving it and making some sense of it ... honestly, i simply lost track reading it over again ... :)

and v,

i truly can't say. i always have difficulty multiplying or dividing with .333333333333333333333333, especially three or more times over. don't you ¿

(every confused) noxy.