Thursday, September 3, 2009

should you read

should you read
my mind today
you shall find this:

an unfinished verse,
whose words curse
these awful distances
in time and space
that divide us now
-- as always

and words of envy
toward the moon,
who visits you daily,
with impunity,
as she has done so always
while we've been apart

more words,
somewhat unfinished,
of my great affection for you
and alas of my love too
-- latent
and nascent
-- dear.

but please
read it with care
-- my mind
-- for this verse
certainly true
is truly unfinished today.

damn you
-- distance;

damn you
-- moon;
i howl at you
with envy today
-- as i shall each tomorrow

and you
-- time,
i command you
-- stop long enough
for me to catch my breath
as i struggle to finish this verse for her
-- my dear mind reader, you.

should you read
~ noxalio ~

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