Saturday, September 12, 2009

it is fall,

it is fall,

the leaves (unlike us
who prefer to fall in
the spring) shall
soon fall -- for they
are turned and made
weak by the slightest
autumn chill (unlike
i who is turned and
weakened by the merest
glimpse of you, of your
form, of your face,
your shadow --
in all four seasons).

it is ravishing how
easily you turn me --
so effortlessly, so
completely (like
the fall breeze
effortlessly turns
maple leaves --
without hesitation,
-- ravenously).

i want to be ravished
by you -- i want to
ravish you in return,
to be weakened and to
fall with you -- this fall,
without hesitation (like
all fall leaves fall
-- without hesitation --
when they have been
turned, when they
have been ravished,
when they have weakened)

even if it means
falling once, just
once (like all fall
leaves are turned
and fall just once
-- weakened, they fall --
they lie together,
spent -- to perish
together), i want this
for us.

i want to turn with
you, i want to fall
with you -- weakened
and spent -- for it is
autumn and autumn
is a good season
for falling.

it is fall,
~ noxalio ~

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