Sunday, September 20, 2009

i do not follow

i do not follow
nor do i lead
any more,

i shed tears
when tears deserve
to be shed,

i stand again
at last.

as they say
clouds only move
for the wind
and wind, after all,
is master to drifters;

master to clouds, yes --
also to dying leaves,
and falling snow.

i am not wind.

neither am i cloud,
nor leaf,
nor dust
-- i am not falling snow.

i now glow when one of mine shine
directly at me,

i respond.

when i too shine, i now know,
all that are mine
glow in return,

they too respond.

this pleases me again
-- finally.

this is why
i do not lead
nor do i follow

i do not follow
~ noxalio ~

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