Monday, September 28, 2009

you see my love

you see my love, you are no fantasy,
for each of them come and go as they please;

you my love, you stay.

you see my love
~ noxalio ~

Sunday, September 27, 2009

what nourishes your soul my love?

what nourishes your soul my love?
tell me, what does it fancy

for i am in the mood
to feed it

fingered morsels, tips to lips,
from pallet directly
to your soul;

and after,
we shall have mint tea
and baklava.

what nourishes your soul my love?
~ noxalio ~

Friday, September 25, 2009

the oceans shall drain today

the oceans shall drain today

and in their stead
shall appear
lush land.

land with silvery paths
lined with cherry blossoms
along the way

and the trades shall become
autumn breezes, they shall
direct the way

and every each path
and each gentle gust
shall lead me your way.

my love,

i shall travel this way
today as i shall
every next day

or instead, i should hop
on a f*cking plane and get there
by mid-day.

where do you want to have lunch

the oceans shall drain today
~ noxalio ~

Monday, September 21, 2009

some days i think

some days i think
if i ever were to see you again
i would go directly to hell
after a single stop
in heaven

but then i think
"i am not religious
and i do not believe
a word of this

some days
i think this
-- when i think of you.

some days i think
~ noxalio ~

Sunday, September 20, 2009

i do not follow

i do not follow
nor do i lead
any more,

i shed tears
when tears deserve
to be shed,

i stand again
at last.

as they say
clouds only move
for the wind
and wind, after all,
is master to drifters;

master to clouds, yes --
also to dying leaves,
and falling snow.

i am not wind.

neither am i cloud,
nor leaf,
nor dust
-- i am not falling snow.

i now glow when one of mine shine
directly at me,

i respond.

when i too shine, i now know,
all that are mine
glow in return,

they too respond.

this pleases me again
-- finally.

this is why
i do not lead
nor do i follow

i do not follow
~ noxalio ~

Friday, September 18, 2009

lost in transmission

fog is here
you are not.


another night
without you
-- again.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

hand me your demons

hand me your demons,
let me take them
-- you are too young for them

i'll be fine with them
do not worry
-- they'll have company here

please do this for us
so you'll be free
-- to take care of yourself

so hand me your demons,
let me take them
-- you are too young for them

hand me your demons
~ noxalio ~

let me be one point of gravity,

let me be one point of gravity,
a force unseen, let me pull you in,
for you are all stardust you see
that much i'm sure you share with me.

we were born as a star died one day,
in her demise she released us each;
do you remember the day? you should,
for indeed it was a momentous feat.

that very moment we were blown away
by the thunderous forces of the day;
some stayed near, others not;
we've crossed the cosmos each our way.

for you are all stardust you see
that much i'm sure you share with me.
so come hither, come near, come stay,
and tell us each how your journey's been.

let me be one point of gravity,
~ noxalio ~

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

no word nor verse can make it plain

no word nor verse can make it plain
the bonds that bind you to me,
but to call you friend? -- such poor cliché --
for "friend" indeed is tired and plain,

but on this day in September
-- a splendid day may it favor to be --
should you find a few moments free
do read this verse -- if so, so plain --
as testament of my love for you
-- my dearest "not friend, friend".

i claim this day as yours alone
to rest, to play or to simply be;
may each which follow bear you no pain
and brim with sparkle and possibility.

so happy birthday, my dearest friend
-- why are you so far away from me?

no word nor verse can make it plain
~ noxalio ~

Monday, September 14, 2009

madness enters at midnight

madness enters at midnight,
-- silent and slow --
through rupture and crevices
recent and raw.
it oozes to the heart,
engulfs it, makes laden,
ventricle to ventricle
loads them with burden;

then the passage north
by carotid and vein
on its relentless quest
for the mind and the brain;

at journey's end
its true missions begin
spouting sharp visions
of what might have been
had i just kissed you,
right there, right then
-- so f*cking long ago
my love.

madness enters at midnight,
~ noxalio ~

Saturday, September 12, 2009

it is fall,

it is fall,

the leaves (unlike us
who prefer to fall in
the spring) shall
soon fall -- for they
are turned and made
weak by the slightest
autumn chill (unlike
i who is turned and
weakened by the merest
glimpse of you, of your
form, of your face,
your shadow --
in all four seasons).

it is ravishing how
easily you turn me --
so effortlessly, so
completely (like
the fall breeze
effortlessly turns
maple leaves --
without hesitation,
-- ravenously).

i want to be ravished
by you -- i want to
ravish you in return,
to be weakened and to
fall with you -- this fall,
without hesitation (like
all fall leaves fall
-- without hesitation --
when they have been
turned, when they
have been ravished,
when they have weakened)

even if it means
falling once, just
once (like all fall
leaves are turned
and fall just once
-- weakened, they fall --
they lie together,
spent -- to perish
together), i want this
for us.

i want to turn with
you, i want to fall
with you -- weakened
and spent -- for it is
autumn and autumn
is a good season
for falling.

it is fall,
~ noxalio ~

Thursday, September 10, 2009



i loved you before the birth of fortune himself
and i shall still, well after his eventual demise.

come crowns, come ruin, come rags or glory,
stardom, obscurity, smiles or worry.

come fame, come famine, madness or sanity
what was, what is, what shall be shall be.

your moonbeams are starlight you know,
cloud or no cloud i've loved them equally.

~ noxalio ~

the fact that i have loved you

the fact that i have loved you
since the birth of galaxies
should have some meaning
in this, this fleeting passage of ours,

but what IT is
is certainly uncertain

i know
when all stars have finally died
and only stardust remains
IT shall be plain to all at last

for sadly
clarion insight
belongs to hindsight after all.

am i to wait till then?

the fact that i have loved you
~ noxalio ~

the thirty three years of silence

the thirty three years of silence
(an e ter ni ty)
simply feel ambrosial
beside the torment
you inflict upon me
by ta ci tur ni ty.

i wonder --
is it worth the agony?

the thirty three years of silence
~ noxalio ~

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i shall gouge out

i shall gouge out
my eyes tonight
after i've read your letter
one last time.

in the morning
i shall try to recite it
-- out loud,
-- word for word,

and if i succeed
i vow i shall cut out
my own tongue.

we may or may not be speaking
this weekend
-- on the phone.

i shall gouge out
~ noxalio ~

Monday, September 7, 2009

shall i write a cliché

shall i write a cliché
as in "i worship the ground you walk on",
or would you rather something visceral
ala "i wanna f*ck your brains out"?

maybe something indirect,
witty, in double entendre
or stolen iambics
from Shakespeare or Donne.

i could write nothing --
wait for you to write instead
or skip it entirely
and try the lousy phone.

i'd do any of these
if i knew which you'd rather
so tell me already
-- dammit!

shall i write a cliché
~ noxalio ~

Thursday, September 3, 2009

should you read

should you read
my mind today
you shall find this:

an unfinished verse,
whose words curse
these awful distances
in time and space
that divide us now
-- as always

and words of envy
toward the moon,
who visits you daily,
with impunity,
as she has done so always
while we've been apart

more words,
somewhat unfinished,
of my great affection for you
and alas of my love too
-- latent
and nascent
-- dear.

but please
read it with care
-- my mind
-- for this verse
certainly true
is truly unfinished today.

damn you
-- distance;

damn you
-- moon;
i howl at you
with envy today
-- as i shall each tomorrow

and you
-- time,
i command you
-- stop long enough
for me to catch my breath
as i struggle to finish this verse for her
-- my dear mind reader, you.

should you read
~ noxalio ~