Monday, February 2, 2009

Under a different moon

Under a different moon
when fall was spring
and midnight noon.

Or a different place
where long was short
and narrow space.

At a different time
when grey was green
and acid wine.

When there were two,
one as me another you --
what would be true?

I keep wondering ...

Under a different moon
~ noxalio ~


Staying in Balance said...

I love the rhyming scheme in this poem. I have a hard time writing in rhyme, and when I do, I rarely like the result.

I really like this one.

Dibakar Sarkar said...

Excellent piece of work. The rhythm is the wonderful oozing of the moon.

Dibakar Sarkar said...

I read this poem a number of times...

I was sauntering yesterday
with one of my friends, when flashed your poem on my
rhythmic eyes.

I rushed back home, and
read it once more.

What can I say?
How can I say?
Still whisper in your ears...

Encore! Encore!

Kim said...

Dude, you okay? You are MIA and people are inquiring of me if I know what's up. Hope all is well and life is just busy. When you get a chance, check in. Thanks,
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Scott Clawson said...

The ending caught me! I loved it, good read. :0)