Monday, February 2, 2009

Under a different moon

Under a different moon
when fall was spring
and midnight noon.

Or a different place
where long was short
and narrow space.

At a different time
when grey was green
and acid wine.

When there were two,
one as me another you --
what would be true?

I keep wondering ...

Under a different moon
~ noxalio ~

Sunday, February 1, 2009

now is more than then and when

now is more than then and when.

for then was then -- it's been
and when maybe be
but when?

as then is done, it's gone
and when may be or may never
come around.

but every now is here and can --
after all it's here and now --
not when.

so the mine, the yours, and ours
is the whats, the whos,
and the hows.

as well the nots, the what nots that is --
the who nots, the how nots --
if you please.

so not then, nor when, but now.
we are here you see
right now.

now is more than then and when
~ noxalio~