Friday, January 23, 2009

to a fault

For weekend wordsmith no 84: sensible

not reckless, feckless
not (handy and
sober) likewise
not senseless, careless
not (prudent and

more so, rational, negligent
not (acute and
factual) as such
sage, hasty
not (canny and

further, not rash, wild
not (aware and
astute) as well
not brash, foolish
not (solid and

in essence, sensible -
to a fault.

to a fault
~ noxalio ~


Anonymous said...

has a wonderful rhythm that sounds like an old bob dylan song...

Noxalio said...

much honored to be mentioned in the same breath as Dylan - although not the world's greatest fan of his tunes i have *always* admired his words and lyrics - who knows, something might have rubbed off - ha ha ... thanks for reading and commenting pieceofpie ...