Saturday, May 3, 2008

Remedy Not Required

Had i drunk last night
the awful feeling
this morning
would have plain cause,
simple remedy.

This manner of Hangover,
if you've had you know,
is companion with two.
and Ache.

At quiet times acute,
subsides as the world awakens
and intrudes upon their feast
in the heart,
drowning their drone.

A winter storm,
as soon as it passes,
the shine and cheer that follow,
though essential and welcome,
are vanquished by the next.

The cure is plain you know
but for reasons unknown
hard to attain in these times
of instant exchange
lacking in material form.

You, who hold another,
gaze directly in the eyes,
touch a hand and hand be touched,
caressed hair, lips kissed,
remedy not required.

Remedy Not Required
~ NoxAlio ~


Wine and Words said...

I wanted to go back to the beginning of you. I know this banquet of loneliness and ache. I know the sound of their utensils as they clatter around the vaste expanse of so few guests.

I hope it has eased NoxAlio. It's been a long time, and realizing we do come back to this same table many times, I hope that now, is not one of those.

Noxalio said...

Annie, the journey continues.

as you see, this is at the base (although it pre-dates this posting by several years, re-posted from a prior site that died), it is core, to this diary.

some days are better ... some not ... mostly recorded here as you might have already guessed. today, it's ok (but just). more on this another way ...

my heartfelt thanks, Annie, for your sentiment ... and also for permitting a bond to sprout and grow ...

i hope, on your end, this is one of the brighter days.

Wine and Words said...

Your seed
blown free
so ever gentle
upon gravel
turning soil

I posted a song for you, well..and me, I've been listening...

Noxalio said...

thank you Annie, like the whisper
of something sacred ...