Friday, May 16, 2008

i do not mind

i do not mind
your mind in mine --
i like that in fact

(as i hope
you don't mind
in yours mine)

there you shall find
the me in mine
close to you

as well the you -- i hope i find --
in yours close to me
as mine

i do not mind
~ NoxAlio ~


Anonymous said...

i've been reading and enjoying how you play with is/not, duality/unity and the way language can be crafted to deal with every facet of self/soul salsa in a frighteningly weird and limited dimension ...

does that make any sense? lol *sigh

Noxalio said...

Thanks for reading - and commenting ... I'll have to remember the "self/soul salsa" next time I write ... It does make sense in a "frighteningly weird" way ... :)